The Sad State of Fortune Cookies
Thursday, March 29, 2007
So, tonight I didn't cook (not unusual in my house!) and we ordered Chinese. And something has come to my attention. Fortune cookies aren't what they used to be. I seem to recall when I was a kid, when you got a fortune cookie, it actually had a fortune on it. Nothing fancy, but at least something like "you will be happy in love", or "you will obtain great wealth". Of course, I could be remembering wrong since my memory is like swiss cheese. But it seems like now you open a fortune cookie and you just get a statement, not a fortune. So, my fortune for today is "you are modest and courteous." Well, to that I say, of course I am modest. I am the most modest person on the planet. And if you don't believe me, you're stupid. (Yes, I am being sarcastic to be funny. These are the jokes kid.) Oh, and "Wei dao" is how you say "Taste" in Chinese. :-)

Anyway, on to less trivial things. I joined a new group today: The Angelitos. Its a group that just started that makes donations of handmade and store bought items to cancer patients and parents of preemies. It seems like a wonderful charity and I can't wait to make something! The website for the group is http://theangelitos.tripod.com/index.html, but to join the group you have to join their Yahoo group. There is a link on the page for the yahoo group. Also, mom pointed me in the direction of a charity that donates handmade goods to preemies in New Hampshire. http://www.newbornsinneed.org/newhampshire/ is the website. So, I will try to knit some things for both groups!

Donny will be starting a new job this week. He has been moved to a District Manager with the paper. It will mean less money, but a happier husband, so a fair trade! Reworking the budget is no picnic, though. It seems like I have to shuffle things around constantly. Just waiting to win the lottery! My fortune has lucky numbers on it. Maybe I should play those! But I promise, when I win the big money with my fortune cookie numbers, I won't forget the little people!
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