Thursday, June 28, 2007
Got this idea from mom's blog, and apparently its a popular thing to put in your blog right now :-) Basically you type "(your name) needs", into Google. So I typed "Heather needs," and then type in the top ten things that pop up, that aren't other people's needs lists. Some of them are really silly! So, here mine are!

1) Heather needs men...Now!
2) Heather needs two therapists
3) Heather needs a childhood
4) Heather needs a dishwasher
5) Heather needs Gatorade
6) Heather needs some body guards
7) Heather needs a name
8) Heather needs VEGGIES!!!
9) Heather needs new boobs.
10) Heather needs your financial support to get her message to the voters.

Weird. I put in the punctuation exactly as it was on 1 and 8, thought it was amusing. I have a man (singular), but men, eh? I might consider it. :-) I probably do need a team of therapists. I had a childhood, long ago. I have a dishwasher, but it does suck. I hate Gatorade. Pretty sure I am not famous enough to need a bodyguard. Uh, yeah, I have a name. I totally should eat some veggies, but I won't. I like my boobs and plan to keep them. And, if anyone would like to send some financial support my way, maybe I will consider the new boobs. :-p
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